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Helpful Tips for Caring for Your Aging Pet

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Your pet is your best friend, and you want to ensure their golden years are as comfortable as they can be. Unfortunately, just like with people, pets can have more injuries and illnesses as they age, and they may not be able to maintain their hygiene as well as they once did. There are steps to take to help your furry friend. Below, Mable’s Mission shares a few ideas to help you and your pet have a calmer, more relaxed experience as your pet ages and keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

See a Vet Regularly

One of the first things you can do to help your aging pet is to schedule regular veterinarian appointments. You may need to get blood work done regularly, for example, to be sure your pet is free of dangerous conditions like cancer or infections.

When you speak with a vet, talk to them about any health concerns you have about your pet. Are they lethargic? Have you noticed their breath smells worse than usual? Does your pet need help with pain management? Your vet can tell you what to expect as your pet ages and give you advice to help when and if problems crop up.

Look Into Pet Insurance

There are many considerations to take into account when deciding if getting pet health insurance is the right decision for you. There are several companies offering pet insurance policies of varying levels of coverage. It is important to take the time to look at each option and its corresponding details carefully to ensure you’re making an informed choice. Many companies provide their rates online, and it can be helpful to read reviews from other customers to find the best option available.

Additionally, considering what specific conditions or treatments will be covered under the policy should be taken into account before selecting one as that can influence the overall cost and value of the plan long-term. Researching different insurance companies in your state and their pet insurance policies through consumer reviews, online ratings, and by speaking with friends or family members who have experience with pet insurance can help make the selection process easier.

Get In Regular Physical Activity

Maintaining a regular regimen to keep your pet active is as important as ever. They may not be as spry as they used to be, but light exercise like walks around the block is a good idea. Just like it's good for aging people, it is good for our pets. If you don’t happen to live in a walkable area, find one with a high Walk Score (70 and above is best) and get your walks in there. A nearby park may also fit the bill.

Upgrade Your Pet's Essentials

Another thing to consider is upgrading your pet's essentials, including their bed, food, and toys. Look for softer toys for dogs and pets without teeth or other dental concerns. You can also opt for a memory foam pet bed that is more comfortable for pets with aging joints.

PetMD notes that your senior pet may need different food as they age. Food blends geared toward senior pets may be a good option. You may also want to talk to your veterinarian about getting food for specific dietary needs, such as high-protein food or food without a high fat content.

Keep Your Pet Clean

As they age, pets have a difficult time keeping themselves clean. Purchasing high-quality shampoo and bathing your dog or cat regularly will help minimize skin irritation. If your dog, for example, has dry skin, pick up a moisturizing shampoo or talk to your vet about a medicated shampoo.

Manage Your Stress With an Aging Pet

When you have an aging pet, taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your pet. Human stress, especially work-related stress, can negatively impact your pets.

To give your senior pet the best life possible, The Grey Muzzle Organization suggests finding a job with more flexibility or arranging to work from home once or twice a week. If that's not possible, get a pet sitter or have someone stop by to go for a walk to break up their time alone. By limiting your stress and theirs, you'll both be in a better position.

Keeping Pets Comfortable While Aging

Your pet is aging, but you can take steps to make caring for them easier. From keeping them clean to enjoying that you have the right pet insurance to cover any necessary vet bills, you will make their senior years more comfortable.

Written by Jessica Brody, Contributor

Image via Pexels

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