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My name is Briana and I started volunteering at the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast in 2019. About 4 months in, I was assigned to Mable for an adoption event. While nobody took interest in her, I immediately did. 

Mable was 8 years old, atrophied, missing teeth, and not stereotypically beautiful. She also had a history of cancer, severe arthritis in her spine and legs, and scars. That was all people saw.

People did not see the resilience of trying to chew her way free from the chains she had for her whole life. They didn't see how her "weird" body birthed several litters of puppies. They didn't see how a senior shelter dog could fit into their home, but most importantly, they didn't see her potential. 

But I did.

After realizing what she had to offer and that nobody else would give her a chance, I took her home. It was clear that she had never been in a house, but she eventually became comfortable. She even became best friends with my parent's dog. Mable got to go to the beach, get puppachinos, walk in the park, and most importantly, Mable finally got the love she deserved. 

Unfortunately, a year and a half later, Mable passed away from cancer. While losing my best friend was devastating, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity I had to love her. 

Mable taught me that there is so much beauty in the broken. I only hope that everyone gets a chance to experience this for themselves. ​

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